B2R Fellows Discuss Work and Life After Returning Home

B2R Fellows, Steven Mucyo (Georgetown University), Christelle Umubyeyi(Yale University) and Diana Munyana(Columbia University) sat down with Managing Director of The BRIDGE Career Services, Happiness Uwase, to discuss their transition from university to career, their experience working at Dalberg, a strategy and policy advisory firm specializing in global development, and what led them to return home to launch their careers in Rwanda.  “There […]

B2R Scholar Launches NGO in Home Country of DRC in Response to COVID-19

In May 2020, B2R Scholar, Bienfait Mugenza foundedCongo Dynamique Initiative (CODI),  a non-profit and non-governmental organization committed to empowering youth and women in his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The goal of CODI is to generate a steady flow of accountable leaders, ethical entrepreneurs, and new businesses to increase jobs and wealth and eradicate poverty in the […]

Fellow Highlight: Irene Kwihangana

B2R Fellow, Irene Kwihangana, graduated from Texas Christian University last year and is currently working as a mechanical engineer for CIMERWA, Ltd., a partner of Pretoria Portland Cement-PPCand the leading producer of cement in Rwanda. As a mechanical engineer, Irene assists in planning, coordinating and solving technical problems in order to improve the reliability of the plant while minimizing costs. […]

B2R Scholar Builds Cutting-Edge Digital System to Tackle Healthcare Challenges in Developing Countries

B2R Scholar and soon-to-be graduate of MIT, Audace Nakeshimana, has combined his passion for Teleradiology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Entrepreneurship through his start-up,  Insightiv, which builds cutting-edge digital systems to tackle healthcare challenges in developing countries. Given the severe disparity of medical specialists, such as radiologists, in developing countries, Audace developed a proven technology at MIT […]

Internship Highlight – Chelsea Uwase

Meet Chelsea Uwase, B2R Scholar and rising junior at the University of Chicago, who interned at University of Global Health-Equity in the Vice Chancellor’s Office. Chelsea spent the summer conducting a research project to study the effects of climate change on vulnerable populations, more specifically pregnant women and young kids in developing countries.  “Working at […]

Internship Highlight – Steven Mucyo

A rising senior at Georgetown University, Steven Mucyo interned with Dalberg Advisors this summer where he was exposed to different projects within his interests, including FinTech and financial inclusion. He is happy that his internship challenged him to use his academic knowledge and gave him confidence to believe in his ideas, despite his initial fears […]

B2R Fellow Highlight: Emmanuel Bahizi

B2R Fellow, Emmanuel Bahizi, attended the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Economics and Political Science. He graduated from Penn in May 2018 and recently returned home to Rwanda. Bahizi was orphaned by the 1994 Genocide and was raised by his grandmother, a subsistence farmer in a rural village in Karongi District. Against all odds, […]

Meet Scholar and University of Global Health Equity Intern Joyeuse

After completing her freshman year at Samford University in Birmingham, Class 5 Scholar Joyeuse Yvette Senga has returned home for a summer internship at the University of Global Health Equity in Kigali. As a health care administration and public health major, Joyeuse is working alongside UGHE’s academic team to help improve the university’s curriculum and […]

Meet B2R College Counselor Joy Beth Bodie

After several years of working in admissions at Vanderbilt University and as a college counselor at a private high school, Joy Beth Bodie felt an unmistakable calling to support African students in their journeys to college. In 2013, Joy Beth (an Alabama native!) made the move to Rwanda’s capital city to join our team as […]

Meet B2R Host Family The Stockers

Born-and-raised Texans Dub and Valerie Stocker live in Fort Worth and host Scholars who attend Abilene Christian University, Dub’s alma mater, and Texas Christian University. Dub also serves on the board of Bridge2Rwanda, they’ve both made several trips to Rwanda, and they have been instrumental in connecting B2R with donors and university partners. Dub and Valerie […]

Meet B2R Graduate Jackson Karama

Jackson Karama was in the first class of B2R Scholars that graduated in May. He earned a scholarship to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where he learned more than just physics and sailing. Today, he lives in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, and serves as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Rwanda Air Force. Here, he talks […]

Meet Francis at Yale

1. Tell us a little about your experience when you first arrived in the US. The plane ride, settling into your dorm etc. My first 24 hours in the US seemed to me too beautiful to be real. I was finally on the campus I had dreamed of for so long, but somehow I was […]