Rwanda: An FFF Training Hub for Africa

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Scaling Impact

Our team of experienced, multilingual trainers are passionate about “training trainers” from across the continent on how to implement Foundations for Farming and conservation agriculture in their own countries. 

Our team can train in English, French, Swahili and Kinyarwanda.

Sign-up for an in-depth six-day training program held in Kigali, Rwanda to fully equip participants from around the world to return to their communities and train others in the principles and practices of Foundations for Farming.

Training Opportunities

We offer the six-day Train the Trainer course once a month.

The week consists of in-depth training in Foundations for Farming methodology and Crown Financial’s Money Map financial literacy training at our “Land of Goshen” demonstration farm near Kigali, Rwanda.

Cost: $550 Per Person/6-Day Course

Food & Accommodations Included

No Visa Required for African Citizens

2024 Training Calender

May 13-19

June 9-15

July 8-14

August 5-11

September 9-16

October 7-13

November 8-14

December 9-16

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World-Class Training Centre

Reflecting Rwanda’s innovative spirit, the training centre aims to inspire and equip FFF trainers to be agents of change in their home countries.

We are currently working to transform 10.8 hectares of agricultural land close to Kigali into the “Land of Goshen” — a new world-class FFF training center. 

Historically, the Land of Goshen is known as a "safe place of fertility and prosperity, where God draws near and secures the welfare of His people."

In the Bible, the Land of Goshen is an area in ancient Egypt on the east side of the Nile delta that the king of Egypt gave to Jacob and his descendants (Genesis 45:10). The Israelites resided in Goshen until the Exodus from Egypt. Goshen represents a safe land of plenty and comfort. To this day, the land of Goshen in Egypt is the most fertile piece of farmland on Earth.