Our Mission

B2R Farms is committed to using its commercial farming and export operations to empower a generation of well-educated young people with the practical skills to transform Rwanda’s agricultural sector into a prosperous, export-driven, job-creating industry.

We believe that farmers everywhere, whether small-holders or university-educated professionals, hold in their hands significant power to improve lives and grow their country.

Our Products

As a certified exporter of horticulture products in Rwanda, B2R Farms provides local and international customers with a variety of delicious, fresh, high-quality produce, picked at the peak of flavor and handled with the utmost care.


Green Chilies


French Beans


Bell Peppers



Chia Seeds


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Capsicum annuum 'Flamethrower Mix' Hybrid

Habanaro Hot Peppers

Bitter Melon

Broad Beans

Yellow Dry Beans

Our Methods

No Plowing and Tillage

We work our farms largely by hand, with no ploughing – the soil is turned minimally or not at all.

Organic Fertilizers

We nourish our crops with generous amounts of compost and manure, minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Cover with Mulch

We cover the soil with a thick “organic blanket” of mulch to retain moisture, prevent erosion and reduce weed growth.

Crop Rotation

We rotate crops regularly to offer the soil a diverse “diet” of nutrients and to help with insect control.

Our Talent

Transforming Rwanda’s agriculture sector requires a pipeline of talent capable of assuming great responsibility as agriculture entrepreneurs, farm managers, exporters, and trainers.

In partnership with the University of Rwanda College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, B2R Farms provides a practical internship program in conservation agriculture to recent university graduates and high-capacity leaders.

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